The film about the rape of a girl in Indonesia has been banned from the UK

The film about the rape of a girl in Indonesia has been banned from the UK

July 8, 2021 Comments Off on The film about the rape of a girl in Indonesia has been banned from the UK By admin

The British government has banned the film “Dangerous,” a documentary about the gang rape of an 11-year-old girl in the Indonesian city of Kita.

The film’s director, Andrew Leach, has been given a three-month ban from entering the UK, which follows the publication of a petition signed by more than 30,000 people.

The ban follows a petition that gained support from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which argued that the film is “likely to cause offence, distress and distress to vulnerable groups in Indonesia and may cause offence to individuals or groups of people who are entitled to protection under the law.”

Leach, who has previously been banned for his films “The Red Pill,” “Rape Culture,” and “The War on Women,” said the ban “is the first time in history that the UK has banned a film by an Australian filmmaker.”

He added that the decision to ban the film comes after a “very thorough review” of the film by the government, including a review by a UK Human Rights Commissioner.

“I’m very disappointed and disappointed by this decision,” Leach told ABC News.

“The film is the first film by a British filmmaker to be banned in the UK.

We’ve had similar decisions taken by other countries.”

The UK government said the film’s content is “highly offensive to vulnerable people and vulnerable groups,” and it has warned that “there may be some cases where the law could be applied that would be extremely distressing.”

“I would not want to make it a precedent that this kind of film could be made in the future,” a British government spokesperson told ABC.

“We are working closely with Indonesian authorities to ensure that any further offending will not occur.”

The petition said that the video portrays the “horrific crimes” committed against the child by the “gang rapists” in Kita and that the British government should not allow the film to be distributed.

“It is deeply concerning that this video could be shown to vulnerable communities in the country and that such videos can be shown at all,” the petition said.

The petition has gained support in the U.K., where the petition received more than 1,000 signatures.

Leach has since been placed on a three month ban from entry to the U, which is in the middle of a two-week visit to the country by President Donald Trump.

The “Dangers” director said he is “heartbroken” and is looking forward to the court hearing, which will be scheduled for the end of May.

“That’s when I’m hoping the court will hear my case and decide that this is a matter that’s important to the British public,” Leahes said.

“If they are not happy with the result, I hope they will reconsider their position.”

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