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Why I’m So Afraid of Being a White Male in Hollywood—And Why I Am Not Source Vice News

August 11, 2021 Comments Off on Why I’m So Afraid of Being a White Male in Hollywood—And Why I Am Not Source Vice News By admin

Vulture contributor Matthew Zaremba has a great piece up this morning about the reasons that a majority of white men are afraid to be seen as white, and what they hope to accomplish by doing so.

In the piece, Zarempa explains that his experience growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta was that white men did not feel as though they were in any kind of danger.

“It was a different kind of world, and you were more on the periphery of it, the other side of things.

But white men, particularly white men in their 30s, were very wary of being seen as anything other than white.

White males are always portrayed as these outsiders, the ones who live outside the norm.

That’s something that’s a little less obvious in Hollywood right now.”

Zarempas piece touches on a lot of the same themes, and the key point here is that white masculinity is not inherently dangerous or scary to white people.

“In fact, if you think about it, white men have a lot in common with other white men,” he writes.

“We’re the ones whose parents are from the Midwest, whose parents were raised in the Midwest.

We’re the one group that grew up in a world of white privilege.

We have a strong, strong history of being privileged, and we’ve got to keep working to make ourselves and others a little more visible and a little bit more aware of our privilege.”

White men are often assumed to be in a unique position to feel comfortable in mainstream Hollywood, and so the idea of white masculinity as dangerous is more often seen as a myth than a reality.

But as Zarembs piece shows, the white male experience is not unique to Hollywood, even though many white people see themselves as outsiders.

Zarembas piece is an excellent example of why white masculinity, and white masculinity in particular, is so difficult to understand.

There are a lot white men out there who are afraid of being labeled white, which is understandable.

But many of them do not feel like that label will ever be true.

The thing is, white people are not all bad, and many of us do good work.

The thing is that many white men feel that if we’re not seen as one, we’ll never be seen.

That feeling of invisibility that comes from not being seen is one that can often be a lot harder to stomach than others.

White masculinity is often seen in Hollywood as the ideal, and as the one we’re meant to aspire to.

But for many white guys who are white and have been conditioned to be one of the “losers” in the white-male-dominated American system, it’s something else.

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