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Why Are We Still Watching Movies About Horror?

November 1, 2021 Comments Off on Why Are We Still Watching Movies About Horror? By admin

Posted October 12, 2018 05:33:30 A movie about an evil man and his daughter that was originally scheduled for release this summer has been pushed back by Paramount, the studio behind the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street, the last film to win the Oscars for best horror film.

The movie, which was originally titled Misery, was originally slated for release in October but was pushed back after its director and screenwriter, Josh Singer, was found guilty of molesting a 15-year-old girl, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Singer, a longtime friend of Weinstein, is scheduled to appear in court in California on Nov. 4 on two counts of molestation.

The movie is also facing lawsuits from other actresses, including Mia Goth, who said she was 14 when she was molested by Singer, who is now 40.

Singer has said he is innocent of the allegations.

“Misery is a beautiful film, and we’re incredibly grateful to Sony for bringing it to the screen,” said Jennifer Garner, senior vice president and chief operating officer at The Weinstein Company.

“It’s a film that’s been in the making for years, and I’m incredibly proud to have been able to bring it to audiences who have waited more than a decade for it.

We look forward to continuing to celebrate its unique and unique story and the incredible legacy it has made for so many families and friends.”

Sony is still releasing the film, which is based on the novel by Laura Lippman, with a December 2019 release.

The remake will also include a new ending, as Singer has agreed to a plea deal in which he will plead guilty to one count of molested minors and will also pay a $50,000 fine.

Singer will also be required to undergo counseling and undergo anger management classes.

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