‘Moms, dads: ‘We’ve got to do something about it’: What we know about the ‘Glee’ star’s drug addiction

‘Moms, dads: ‘We’ve got to do something about it’: What we know about the ‘Glee’ star’s drug addiction

July 28, 2021 Comments Off on ‘Moms, dads: ‘We’ve got to do something about it’: What we know about the ‘Glee’ star’s drug addiction By admin

The star, 34, is known to have been on a prescription drug binge in recent years, including a monthlong stay in the Dominican Republic last summer for which he pleaded guilty to charges of drug possession and distribution.

The star’s longtime agent, John A. Pizzolatto, said in an email that the “glamour girl” has been sober since November.

Pizzolato also noted that “several weeks ago, her doctor had indicated that she had been on methadone.

The doctor told us that she has been clean since that time, and she is now completely sober.

We will continue to monitor her and her condition.”

According to Pizzilatto, “the actress is in good spirits, and as we have said many times, she is a wonderful person and loves her family, and that is something she is passionate about.”

The actor’s representatives did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The actor also appeared in a 2013 ad for the drug-treatment center where he was employed.

He was paid $2.3 million for his work.

He is currently filming “American Sniper,” in which he plays a sniper who takes out a powerful enemy.

The “Glee” star recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying that he is still recovering from the drug binge, but said he is “doing everything I can” to stay clean.

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