Youtube Video Ranking Trick or Method

Youtube Video Ranking Trick or Method


Here I am sharing with you a method or trick to rank you tube video easy latest and working trick. First of all, you have to Create video in 16:9 ratios with 720P 1280X720 pixel. Your main keyword should be the file name of your video. Right click on video and change these settings as follows.

The title will be same as your video file name. Write subtitle related to keywords. Add some related tags. Write related comments. Default video upload setting should set as unlisted. Set Category. Set Languages and other options. Now while uploading on Youtube write video title with the main keyword.

Write Description which would be minimum 300-500 words for Google Ranking. The first line of the description will be the video title like sentence and ends with the full stop(.) use some keywords in description. Insert video link in the description. Give social media links. Write “Subscribe to our channel.

Provide related keywords or search terms as much as possible. Give tags which are related with keywords and first one will be main keyword/video related popular channel name. Give tags as much as possible.

Create 1280×720 pixel thumbnail and name it with the main keyword for thumbnail details right click on the video and click details. Title would be the thumbnail name. Subtitle will have related with keywords.

Give some tags. Write related comments. Publish and monetize it. Create backlinks within 24 hours. Facebook 10, Twitter 10, You Tube Comments 10 and any other sites recommended by Youtube. Embed your video on any site. Make instant 10 views within 24 hrs anyhow but do not yourself

that’s it.

Hope it will help you I will share other tips and tricks on this blog. Please bookmark this blog.


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