World’s Biggest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

World’s Biggest Magic Tricks Finally Revealed

The quantity of magicians is very little in the world. Every one person in 25,000 people knows how to do magic tricks. And here you would know how these rare people perform magic tricks.

We have collected some the most brilliant tricks to explain you and exclusively for you and trying to teach you how to perform. You can surprise your friends and family.

1.David Copperfield’s death saw

One of the best-known classic magicians you ever know is David Copperfield. Death saw magic was his one his most favorite tricks it is an act in where he split himself using a saw blade.

By performing this illusion, Copperfield used his assistant for other part of his body. They looked to be like a single person. The secret is the table beneath and gap between these to tables through which the saw blasé can easily pass. Copperfield’s legs were bent into the table, and the assistant’s upper body was hidden in the table.

2. Passing through the wall

There’s wall that feels very realistic. The assistant hide magician on one side of the wall with special screens on wheels. The exact same thing would be on the other side of the wall. After few movements magicians appears on the opposite side of the wall.

The performance of this magic trick is quite easy. There’s a special v-shaped tunnel going through the wall. The speculator who studies the wall, don’t find anything and how solid it is.

The magician needs just a fraction to go through a wall trough tunnel and stand on the other side of it.

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3.Twisting an iPhone

In front of the people on the street by leaving the audience in shock the famous magician Dynamo performed this trick.

It is quite simple, The magician make a half back cover of an iPhone and quickly put it over the screen while performing the trick. From the front side it looks like the phone was twisted but we assure you that no iPhone was harmed. Magic is very easy to perform with good preparation, you could do it yourself.