With One Click View and Logout All Your Facebook Logins

With One Click View and Logout All Your Facebook Logins

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Most of we may forget to log out while working, this is the common mistake everyone did in their Facebook life, I’m I right. Because we sign in on Facebook account with different platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. Sometimes we don’t know that we have logged out of Facebook last time or not. We also see a lot of rumors about Facebook and Social media that Facebook is selling users data to other companies and leaks user data and social media especially Facebook is not safe, it’s time to delete an account.

It’s time to keep our Facebook safe from hackers. We don’t know what’s going on social media. If you have logged in with different platforms and forgot to log out then it does not matter you should follow the following steps.

View and Logout of all Devices

  1. Start your Facebook App on Device or Log-in with your Facebook Account on Browser.
  2. On Top Right Click on the vertical line, to view The Options.
  3. To see some more options, click on the Settings & Privacy.
  4. Click on Settings again to see some more settings, in that section head over to the place security and log in.
  5. Here you can see some Devices/Platforms from where you’re logged in. Click on the See More to view all list.
  6. You should see all Details like Device, Location, Date, Platforms either App or a Browser.
  7. If you see any unknown devices you can log out from that device by selecting the three dots to get the Option “Logout”.
  8. To Delete all logins with one click then scroll down to option “Log Out of All Sessions”.
  9. Now Done you have logged out from all of the devices and platform.
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