Simple Ways to Secure Windows 10 Operating System

Simple Ways to Secure Windows 10 Operating System

Over three decades of development, Windows 10 is an operating system which is pretty much polished now. But it’s not perfect still which means that when you install fresh copy of windows operating system it’s still needs to be secure.

Windows 10 has a cloud service that means Microsoft wants to collect and sell your information. For really good level of security windows needs some tweaks.

If you don’t do something about it. Your operating system sends oodles of private information to Microsoft. it might be a significant security and private issue. So, Here is the tip for tackle this problem.

Microsoft allows user users to disable this security and privacy features but it has not easy to disable info gathering features. There are plenty of these types of settings and not all users knows the way to ways to disable them that are spying for the information.

In the world of most widely used operating system. there are many specialized tools to tackle these privacy settings and tweak them at the same window. Most of them are free.

O&O ShtupUp 10 is one of them and it is an great example of such tools available in the market. which it considered itself as anti-spy tool. It is a convenient way to control the windows experience.

As its Stands today Windows 10 is an excellent operating system with fantastic security support from Microsoft. You can still control the product you have paid for. so here’s for more secure computing experience for windows 10 users.