Keyboard Shortcuts for Popular VLC Media Player

Keyboard Shortcuts for Popular VLC Media Player

Dovlc media player

VLC media player is one of the best media players available in the market for Windows operating system and it need no introduction. I remember those days when me and my friends used to exchange movies and songs through CDs and DVDs, but default media player failed to play some different video formats to play various videos. VLC Media Player was one of the only media player that played almost every format. This is the reason we love VLC. It has good number of features that make it above all other media software programs. That’s right VLC media player is absolutely free. You can download it freely from the internet.

To ease use of VLC media player it is good to know its cool keyboard shortcuts. Following are the different VLC keyboard shortcuts you can use while watching videos and movies.

Different VLC Keyboard Shortcut

Press F to go Full Screen

While you are playing movie in VLC its in small screen, if you want it to toggle into full screen press F key and pressing it back again to smaller screen.

Press A to Change Aspect Ratio

The ratio of width and height of screen playing on the video is the Aspect ratio. Many videos don’t display well. Just pressing A will do this job in ease.

-/+ Play video slower and faster

Press – button to play video slower and press + button to play it fast in VLC media player. Press minus – and plus + buttons multiple times to make the playback slower and faster.

Press Space key to pause the Video

Suddenly you have got to do some work while watching a movie but you don’t like to miss any scenes, just press the space key, the movie will be paused. Press it again to resume it.

Press S key to stop

If you don’t want to close VLC Media Player then press S button movie will be stopped.

Ctrl + H to hide and unhide menus and controls

If you want to hide and show menu and controls pressing Ctrl + H will do this job.

Play Next and Play Previous file on Playlist

If you have added many videos or songs on the playlist, you can repeatedly press N/P to toggle between files on the list.

Show time remaining and elapsed

Press T to display time remaining and elapsed on the upper right corner of the movie.

Display audio and video adjustment window

Do Press Ctrl + E while playback if you want to adjust audio/video settings where you can adjust settings.

Press M to Mute

Press M button to mute the video if you have to answer the call and you don’t want to miss the scene, you can simply mute the movie and answer the call.

Press Ctrl + P to Play Video from start

Press Ctrl + P to restart video from the beginning.


VLC media player can play almost every type of available video and audio formats that is why is the most popular video player in the market. I have shared some VLC shortcut keys for windows which I think are enough to start with. Thanks for now.

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