Improve Alexa Rank with Jingling and Traffic Spirit Bot

Improve Alexa Rank with Jingling and Traffic Spirit Bot


Today I am talking about two very useful tools Jingling traffic bot (Chinese version) and Traffic Spirit (English Version). These are auto traffic generator software or bots. Both of these are able to generates hundreds and thousands of traffic to the targeted website or blog.

What is Jingling Traffic Bot?

You need internet connection and one good system and you have to simply enter the site URL and do some settings and you will be able to get a lot of traffic to your site or a blog. But you have to know some other things about jingling bot as it is a bot used to generate auto traffic. Jingling bot is made in china and first used in china. It is written in Java language a small java app to generate traffic to a particular site. At first it was available in Chinese version but now there is an alternative with the name of Traffic Spirit Bot is available for those countries who understands English.

Both of these software and bots are available on the net for free.

Pros and Cons of using Jingling Traffic Bot and Traffic Spirit

Most people are got confused that whether we should use these traffic bots or not. I am providing you different pros and cons of jingling and traffic spirit below.


These bots will drive hundreds and thousands of traffic to your site or blog and this will surely increase your alexa rankings and will also increase your authority on different search engines like bing, yahoo and goole.

It will surely boost your earing in the case if you are using PTP Pay to Promote or Cost per Millennium ad networks it would be beneficial.


Using these bots would become harmful if you are using Google Adsense on your site or blog. It would be dangerous to use jingling it will cause your Adsense to be blocked and google do not accept bot traffic and traffic exchange sites.

Hope you will find these bots helpful to you.

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