Free Thesaurus Apps For Windows 10 Users

Free Thesaurus Apps For Windows 10 Users


If you are finding a free Thesaurus Application for Windows 10 then you came to the right place. In this blog post, we are discussing some free thesaurus apps available in the market. To enhance the beauty of sentence we all try to find a word. Many authors and creative writers confirm that. Thesaurus, as we know, is used to find words which have similar meanings. From the dictionary, it is quite different as from where you get a definition of a word. Thesaurus and Dictionary are two different books in the book world. Whereas, there are many apps available to combine functionalities into one.

The applications we are discussing have combined the dictionary and thesaurus together. All these software can be downloaded through windows 10 app store freely.



Thesaurus is the only free app that provides a standalone functionality. it does not have any other features except thesaurus. When you start thesaurus you will be asked to enter the search term in the field provided. At the bottom of the software, you will see the button to copy the meanings of the word and another option to change settings.


In the settings option, you can select the language of the word. There are two languages available in this thesaurus to choose English and German. you can also choose the words using the drop-down menu.


It also shows you or displays similar meaning words. you can copy words or archive words. archived words can be viewed later on.

2.Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus


It is both a dictionary and a thesaurus. Both are presented in the same view thesaurus is not a separate entity than the dictionary. If you enter a word in the search bar you will get the definition of the word you entered in the search box along with words similar to the one you entered.

This dictionary gets its data developed by Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University from WordNet.

3.Wordweb Dictionary


It is a free dictionary and thesaurus application. This app can be used offline as well as online. it’s absolutely free and you will find no ads on it. While using this app you will enter the word you are looking. on the right side of the app definition of the word will be displayed. below it, you will see related words.

Word meanings are also showed in the form of a noun, adjective, verb etc along with the source of this app. The settings option will be used to change display settings for example antonyms, synonyms, examples, type of words, etc. bookmark, search options as well.


It provides you a simple way to search for similar words. At the given bar enter a search word. The thesaurus will show you all the word with a similar meaning to the word that you have been searched. it will also display definition and antonyms.

Final Words

These are the four free thesaurus apps for windows 10 which I have found on the net. You can try out all of them and select the one which you like most.

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